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Hardwood Floor Damage

Hardwood flooring is classic and sophisticated, but unfortunately requires upkeep when water damage occurs. Since wood hold sup to 10% of water even after one spill its vital to contact a professional if you face a serious water damage disaster. Wood grain will expand due to added moisture causing the edges to rise, putting a huge cost on an already big investment for your home or business.

Don’t risk permanent damage to your hardwood floors, and act fast when water damage occurs! Moorpark Water Damage is here to assist you in the recovery of your flooring while offering documentation and 100% direct insurance billing. We work with ALL insurance companies!

Don’t Wait Act Now
Making the mistake of waiting, or letting water damage fix itself will bring your property more harm than good. Trying to repair a serious water damage disaster could also end up in more of a disaster. Treating your hardwood floors with a “do it yourself” method can end badly. Instead, count on the the professionals at Moorpark Water Damage for a job well done.

How Do Professionals Repair Hardwood Floor Damage?
Our process is proven to work and will help to repair the damage done faster than any other method. Using Injectidry methods with the most advanced equipment the water damage industry has to offer, we can easily and efficiently remove water from your home or business. This system was specially invented for dealing with materials like hardwood, though they can be used in other materials such as drywall.

Hard surfaces like wood flooring are difficult to dry if a large amount of time has elapsed because tiny pockets of air get caught within the wood grain. If the wood floor has been recently sealed then the water is especially difficult to extract. The injectidry system resembles a series of floor mats, with vacuum tubes attached. These are placed on hardwood floors, and a portable machine removes water from the wood through these tubes. WIthin hours, cupping can be eliminated and hardwood floors are restored to their original glory.

Tips For Homeowners: 

  • The self dry method works on minimal hardwood floor damage, and we only suggest using this method if its a small area affected and is a surface spill
  • The replacement method is the quickest way to get rid of hardwood floor damage, as replacing the flooring all together will completely eliminate the cost of water damage
  • If water damage is very severe you must call a professional! We have high tech equipment that will effectively reduce the damage to your property within hours. Using injectidry systems we are able to correct the damage!
  • Do not use heat to dry hardwood floors as it will lead to cracking and splitting
  • Do not refinish your floors immediately, wait until you sand the floors flat again. As wood dries it contracts and will return to its normal state
  • Subfloors must be treated as well to ensure water beneath your hardwood floors are intact. Without a proper survey of the subfloors your property could be at risk for mold damage later on

Save your hardwood floors from complete ruin today, and contact Moorpark Water Damage. We’re experts with over 10 years of experience, and provide certified technicians within 30 minutes of your call. We work day and night 7 days a week to provide a service unmatched in the industry. Call now for a free estimate! 805-308-9583



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