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Cold Water Extraction

There are several types of water damages that can affect your property, from seasonal floods to bursting pipes, from damaged fire sprinklers to washer leaking situations. We strongly recommend treating all of them with maximum seriousness and care as they can all translate into irreversible harm to your belongings. You are definitely in need of a professional, and Moorpark Water Damage is the best partner in town for such challenging situations. We perform complete water extraction procedures and eliminate all water from your location in no time.


Whenever you find yourself standing in water, you should drain it as fast as possible before moving on to any restoration activities. Instead of helplessly trying to do this yourself, without having the proper expertise or equipment and just wasting precious time, alert us and relax knowing that your property is in good hands. We are able to isolate the area quick enough and prevent the damages from spreading while also saving more of your assets and personal belongings.

We start all this process by identifying all areas that were in contact with water, even if they are hidden or seen. By doing so, we get a wider overview upon the extent of the damage and understand what equipment is needed for completing this extraction job fast and effective.

Using our highly-precise infra-red cameras we detect all hidden pockets of water behind the furniture or in difficult corners. We then eliminate those using special wands and thus killing all mold or bacterial growth opportunities. For any larger amounts of bulk water we install submersible pumps and for final touches we use water wands and water claws.

The success of the entire restoration process depends on this first step. If water is not completely removed from your property, certain issues will reappear and all restoration efforts will fail. In addition, severe pathogenic hazards might occur and affect the health of your loved ones. You can trust our experts as they will never leave a site without performing a detailed inspection and making sure all safety standards and regulations are obeyed for your best interests.

We can be at your door in less than 30 minutes from your call at 805-308-9583 and perform a reliable, effective and complete cold water extraction job in no time!

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